Turns voiceover into captions and puts it on your video automatically
It will help you increase your audience's engagement, as captions make your videos accessible to all followers – both who watch videos on mute and those who are deaf and hard of hearing.
Your followers don't hear you!
85% of social network users watch videos with the sound off.
Not exactly what you expect when you spend hours making videos?
– Liro will deal with it.
Statistics show that captioned videos get:
26% more CTA clicks
16% more reach
17% more reactions
16% more shares
Liro does all the hard work for you:
Open Liro, choose a language, upload video – voila, captions are ready!
Sounds like ❤️ magic, right?
an outstanding visual style
Select beautiful font

Choose exceptional captions animation

Pick a color for captions and their background

Choose the position of captions on the screen

Save in format you like: story, post, wide
Recognises 87 languages
Liro automatically recognises voice in your video from 87 languages and turns it into captions.
We made everything truly transparent – you buy Liro, you caption an unlimited number of videos, period.
No hidden payments
No undisclosed demand to buy additional minutes or projects
Get in touch with Liro team
If you have any ideas on how to make Liro better, or you have problems while using it, please drop us a line at team@liro.co
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